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Our suite of Insurance & Risk services has been curated to compliment the multifaceted approach we use to manage client risk.


The first step to building a viable insurance program is getting a deep understanding of your business.

Knowing how you operate and understanding exactly what it is you do is crucial in ensuring your coverage is suitable.

We will spend the time to review your business and its’ exposures and carefully consider the risks. Once we’ve done this, we’ll give you our expert recommendations on how you can look to protect against them using a range of risk transfer strategies.


You mightn’t want to insure all of your different exposures, but you’ll need to know what they are to make balanced decisions on how to manage them.

Some risks are too great to hold yourself and need transferring to an insurer. Our professional advice will help provide clarity around what your business risks are so that you can decide which ones are best to be transferred externally.

Our advice is structured, easy to understand and commercially considered to help you make informed decisions that are best suited to your situation.


Stone Lane have relationships with all of the major insurers and underwriting agencies both locally and internationally.

It’s these connections to the wider insurance market that help us explore the options available and place your covers with the insurers that best suits. Using the size and market leverage of our group we have a distinct advantage when it comes to negotiating cover and premiums.

This strength is a valuable asset that we use to ensure your business gets the best possible results.


When your business suffers a loss, the enormity of the recovery can be daunting and overwhelming.

Stone Lane are here to guide you through it by working closely with the insurers and other stakeholders to manage and guide the entire claims process for you.

Whether it is a small accident or major loss, we have the experience and expertise to help get you back on track so you can simply focus on getting back to full scale operation again.


Policies will typically require annual maintenance and renewal to ensure continuous ongoing cover.

Stone Lane’s service is “full policy lifecycle”, meaning we are are here to help you through any changes needed to your program throughout the year and for the the annual policy renewals when it is time to renew your coverage. Naturally these are a good opportunity to make sure policies remain suitable to your business needs, ensure the cover remains the best possible option and depending on our renewal strategies may also be a good time to re-negotiate your coverage with other insurer markets.


Contracts and contractual obligations can be complex and time consuming to understand.

Stone Lane help by navigating you through these and offer contract reviews as part of their ongoing service. Whether your business enters into sub-contractor agreements, general contracts with other businesses or is required to hold particular insurance as part of a tender, there’s often clauses that can extend your liability far beyond what is typical.

We’ll help identify any insurance related issues so you can move forward knowing exactly where you stand.

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